Why Scary? Why Simple?

Do you want to make money online to change your life?

Are you looking for more meaningful work with greater financial rewards?

I suggest you consider things that are both scary and simple.


Why Scary?

why your products should be scaryThese business ideas are the ones you want to do but don’t want to do at the same time.

They are scary and thrilling all in one breath.

That is why you are afraid to do them.

If they don’t work, it could be embarrassing or maybe you will lose some money, but they also won’t cost you 5 years of your life.

If you are not at least a little bit scared… then you’re probably thinking too small.


Why Simple?

why your products should be simple They are easy to start.  Easy for you and your potential clients to understand.

You can start them today or tomorrow or next week or month.

They don’t take years to finish.

They are simple and don’t have a lot of steps or moving parts.

They have a start time and a deadline where you assess your efforts, your results, and your enjoyment of the project.



My goal here is to 

1. Scare you into thinking bigger

2. Exhort you to keep it simple.

Below is a picture of a simple idea… why not put a slightly scary vantage point with glass walls and floors extending out over a steep cliff?

They just finished it in Jasper National Park, here on the Eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies.


Why scary why  simple


Your Turn

Are you going to start something scary and simple?