There’s a new type of video that’s killing it on Facebook. Here’s one way to make them.


Background Image Steps

  • create a blank square image
  • I like 1200×1200 pixels, it really fills up the news feed
  • put your headline in for the video you are planning
  • when you make different video memes….
    experiment with text at top and bottom …
    ie headline at top, headline at top and bottom,
    etc… see how Unilad does it on facebook… they are the masters
  • I find that a black background with HUGE white headlines work best,
    but you can experiment with different background colors..
    just make sure your blank image really POPS! on facebook
  • remember to be BIG and BOLD with your words,
    because almost all your fans are viewing this on small phone screens!

Steps In Camtasia

  • import pre-made background image and video into camtasia clip bin
  • put the photo in track one (extend it’s time a bit)
  • put the video in track two (it’s easier this way, trust me)
  • resize the video to fit nicely on the background image
  • NOTE – after resizing the video,
    extend the time of the background image to match the length
    of the video.  I forgot to mention this on the video!
  • publish the video thru camtasia
  • upload the video to your Facebook page


Here’s the video


Here’s another one, with a gentle call to action to share…