Many smart people think that sales pages should be “short and sweet” …

Others say… “I’m worried that people won’t read a long page online….”

I appreciate those opinions, they are still quite common.  This short video
is my attempt to show real-word examples from 2 of the biggest, best online sellers in the world.

Amazon and Apple.

Please watch the video below as I take a look at sales pages by these two giants of online sales, and how they respond to the ideas of “short and sweet” and “people don’t like long pages with lots of words…”


Here’s the links in the video, go see for yourself if you wish.

Click here to see how Amazon sells the best selling author in the world.

Click here to see how Amazon sells their “front page, above the fold” product
when they have skin in the game.

Click here to see how Apple sells their Ipad Pro

Thanks for watching… now go and tell a complete sales story, with elegance and power and emotion and effectiveness.