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How Coupons Drive Online Sales

Everyone loves a deal. This infographic from the folks at Vouchercloud outlines the growth in digital coupons, who’s using them and how they’re being used. Here are some highlights: The use of coupons during a shopping experience has risen from 63% to 92% in just the past five years, and a lot of this growth has been driven by online coupons. Consumers have greater access to online coupons through email, shared through social media, and online via a plethora of coupon-specific websites. 93% of coupon users say they’ll be very likely to use a coupon they receive in an email. Not only has their access to coupons grown significantly, but how they fulfill them has changed as well. It’s estimated that 74.1 million consumers will use their smartphone and 68.7 million will use their tablet to present their coupon to a business. Who are these people that using are using coupons? It’s really not a specific group. It’s split almost 50/50 between men and women. The age of users doesn’t vary much whether they’re 18, 30, 40 or 60 years of age. However, there are some coupons that are more popular than others. So, we’ve got more people using coupons, using them in different ways, and across a variety of demographics, but do they work? The short answer is YES! The vast majority of coupon users say that they’ll visit a retailer again because of being offered a coupon. More than half said they would not have made that purchase unless they had a coupon. Check out this infographic that explains how digital coupons can attract new customers and... read more

The Next Generation Of Ecommerce

Innovations across the media, social and fulfillment landscapes have allowed consumers of all ages to step into a new generation of commerce – one that prioritizes convenience, where time and quality of experience are highly valued and the shopping experience extends far beyond the traditional path to purchase,” the firm says. “To compete, retailers must make research intuitive and delivery instantaneous. Brands must craft a consistent and creative digital narrative. Startups and established businesses alike must improve and innovate. The Next Generation Of Ecommerce infograhic source Please click the blue button below to share... read more

The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist – 11 Essential Elements For High Impact Blogging

Here are the 11 essential elements of a great blog post your readers will love.  Equally importantly, they will share it and link to it. Win – Win WIN!   11 Essential Elements For High Impact Blogging Like this infographic? Get content marketing advice that works from Copyblogger.   Here’s the essential elements again Craft a magnetic headline. Open with a bang. Use persuasive words. Write damn good sentences. Insert killer bullet points. Create exquisite subheads. Tell a seductive story. Keep attention with internal cliffhangers. Choose an arresting image. Close with style. Be authentic. Did this info-graphic help you? If so, please click the big blue bar below to share in on... read more

How to Optimize Your Welcome Emails

Your welcome email is the way you present yourself to your new customers, and as they say, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. By following these welcome email best practices, you’ll start your relationship with your new friends off on the right foot and set the tone for a long-term relationship.

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Discover How Google Works – A Simple Animated Explanation

Have you ever wondered how Google works? Sure, it has a complex algorithm that looks at hundreds of variables, but in simple terms…do you know how Google works? To help you get a better understanding of Google’s algorithm as well as to show you how some of Google’s features work, I’ve presented an animated infographic from  Neil Patel over at Quicksprout to explain the whole process. Courtesy of: Quick Sprout If you want to help a friend understand google, please just click the big blue Facebook button... read more

10 Proven Reasons Why People Share Your Content

Pursuing viral content means you’re invested in content that’s purely shareable — content that’s likely to get retweeted, liked, and commented on. As this infographic shows us, viral content is more likely to be useful, lengthy, and positively-oriented. Taken together, we have a picture of content that inspires people as well as makes them think (with a little help from great images and influencer shares).       Please share this with your... read more

Best image sizes for social sharing

Getting the right image on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  and Twitter can make all the difference. Here’s a complete guide to all the best image sizes for social sharing. Over at Social Media Today, they make a strong case for using more and better images whenever and where ever you are active on social media. Did you know that: Tweets with images receive 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites, and 150 percent more retweets. On Facebook, where photos account for nearly nine out of 10 interactions, use of visual content generates 65 percent more engagement. Best Image Sizes For Social Sharing image courtesy of Social Media Today Please click the blue button below to share this on... read more

My Mission
(Jim Arthur Van Wyck)

Even if we never meet, I want you to know this …

There are ways to have your life and work flow like a river … creating ever-expanding freedom, happiness, and material sustainability.  You can make a big impact on the world, and live a joyful loving life.

It won’t be easy.

But you don’t have to suffer.  Here’s some ideas