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My Best Video Meme of 2016

Hybrid video memes are working really well on Facebook. Even better, from my point of view is that they are fun to create, as they challenge my creativity, and often allow for a real sense of play. Here’s my most successful video meme of 2016.    ... read more

3 Key Reasons Why People Watch And Share Videos

Facebook is not only the most important social media.  It’s arguably THE most important publisher of all time, and certainly the biggest. Facebook wants you to publish videos, and will reward you when you do. BUT… the biggest rewards are for those who... read more

How To Use Instagram To Make Photo List Posts

Photo list posts are rightfully one of the most engaging and appreciated types of articles. They form the backbone content for many successful websites. But great photos are often hard to come by.  And, if you fill a page with dozens of great pictures, it can start to... read more

How To Advertise On Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful place to advertise many products and services.  Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to get started with IG ads. Instagram is becoming a more powerful advertising platform, as more and more companies gain access to the ad formats.... read more

Top 10 Habits For Successful Social Media Sales

Social media… especially Facebook, Pinterest, and InstaGram are the new frontiers in selling your products and services. Like they used to say about New York … “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere…” Develop These Habits For... read more

My Mission
(Jim Arthur Van Wyck)

Even if we never meet, I want you to know this …

There are ways to have your life and work flow like a river … creating ever-expanding freedom, happiness, and material sustainability.  You can make a big impact on the world, and live a joyful loving life.

It won’t be easy.

But you don’t have to suffer.  Here’s some ideas